Seattle Cancer Team on Guam to learn more about cancer services


Seattle Cancer Care Alliance met with various stakeholders and organizations yesterday to network.

Guam – In order to better understand how cancer treatment and prevention works on Guam, the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is on island to meet with various stakeholders in the cancer community.


A team from the SCCA met with members of various organizations and agencies on Guam to network and get a better understanding of how the system works for the island.


Dr. Ben Anderson, a breast cancer surgeon and member of the SCCA and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Washington, says the goal is improve and streamline the services offered for cancer patients in Guam and get a better understanding of how the island community responds to cancer.


“One of the necessary solutions is developing systems that work well for the patients so that the patient gets what they need. In the case of breast cancer, which is my area, first you have to find the cancers early before they are already well established or metastatic. You need to prove that it’s cancer in a reasonable period of time and then you have to provide treatment solutions. Breast cancer, we’ve done quite well with breast cancer. The mortality rate in the mainland has decreased by 34 percent between 1990 and 2012. The question is how do we translate those outcome benefits into Guam,” he explained.



The SCCA met with doctors, nurses and experts from the Edward M. Calvo Foundation, the UOG Cancer Research Center, the Cancer Consortium of Guam, the Cancer Center of Guam, GRMC Radiology Oncology Clinic, Take Care Clinic, Island Cancer Center, Guam Cancer Care, the Latte Stone Cancer Clinic and other organizations.