Second Civilian-Military Council Meeting Scheduled for Next Tuesday


Guam – The second Civil-Military Coordination Council (CMCC) meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday May 17, from 10 am until 12 noon at Top o’ the Mar on Nimitz Hill.

During this meeting, CMCC members will receive an overview and synopsis of the initial meeting, an update on charter working groups, and continue to dialogue on the final operating charter for council working groups (CWG).

The public and media are invited to attend.

CMCC consists of military, federal and government of Guam representatives responsible for gathering, sharing and analyzing data in order to inform decisions made regarding the pace and sequencing of construction projects in the military realignment.

CMCC will focus on areas such as utilities infrastructure, port throughput, and critical social services, as well as measures to avoid significant environmental impact. In doing so, military construction activities will be coordinated with other private and public construction projects to monitor overall impacts to Guam’s existing infrastructure systems.