Second ethics complaint part of organized effort to silence her, senator says

Senator Telo Taitague (PNC file photo)

A second ethics complaint has been filed against Senator Telo Taitague accusing the senator of making personal attacks against GHURA leadership during a legislative hearing held in September of 2020.

Senator Taitague issues the following statement regarding what she considers to be a prolonged effort by her critics including political heavyweights, to deal with her straight talk and no-nonsense approach as a member of the Guam Legislature.

Despite earning additional support from the People of Guam during her 2020 re-election bid – due in no small part to her down-to-earth approach to politics, Senator Taitague’s leadership style has caused some of Guam’s out-of-touch political elitists to engage in personal and political vendettas against her.

“Addressing special interest legislation, potential illegal drug activity and questionable hiring practices in GovGuam, and legislation benefiting members of the legislature and their families, is a difficult but necessary responsibility of policymakers. I get it, Guam is a small community and political heavyweights don’t like it when someone calls them out,” Taitague said.

She added: “Well, I’ve got news for those who think they can get away with things: The People of Guam don’t want their senators to turn a blind eye to corruption and special interests. Moreover, the second ethics complaint filed recently by a political hack won’t silence me.”

(Senator Telo Taitague Release)