Second parishioner of Our Lady of Peace reports testing positive; parish begins contact tracing

Our Lady of Peace and Safe Journey Catholic Church in Chalan Pago (Facebook photo)

Our Lady of Peace and Safe Journey Catholic Church in Chalan Pago is closed starting today and will reopen Saturday, Nov. 7 after a second parishioner reported testing positive for COVID-19.

The individual informed parish staff of the positive results this morning. The Archdiocese of Agana has notified Department of Public Health and Social Services and the parish has immediately initiated Archdiocese protocols to safeguard everyone.

Though indications are that the individual contracted the virus elsewhere and not necessarily at the church, the protocols have started because the person attended 5:30 p.m. Mass Saturday, Oct. 31 at the church.

The parish will work with Public Health on contact tracing and will conduct thorough deep cleaning and sanitization of the church. The Archdiocese Contact Tracing Team has also begun its work. Our Archdiocese team is notifying those that were in close contact/proximity to the positive individual to provide guidance on the proper course of action to take. The church’s team does not replace Public Health’s contact tracing but only supplements it.

The first positive case reported by a Chalan Pago parishioner was last Wed., Oct. 28. Chalan Pago Pastor, Father Karl Vila implemented protocols and closed the church for several days as professional cleaners conducted deep cleaning and sanitizing. Archbishop Michael Byrnes and Father Karl ask for prayers for their parishioners and all who have contracted COVID-19.

(Archdiocese of Guam News Release)