Secretary of State Clinton To Make Refueling Stop on Guam


Guam – Secretary of  State Hillary Clinton plans to make a refueling stop on Guam this week on her way from Hawaii to Southeast Asia. 

A State Department Spokesperson has confirmed for PNC News that Secretary Clinton will stop in Guam, likely sometime this Friday, the 29th. She’s due in Hawaii on Wednesday.

Clinton’s plane is set to touch down at Andersen Air Force Base, where congressional sources have been told she plans to meet with some troops. She will then continue on to Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand and American Samoa.

President Obama made and cancelled plans to stop on Guam twice this year during trips to Australia and Indonesia.

Secretary Clinton would be the one of highest level U.S. officials to visit Guam since a visit by former Vice President Richard Cheney a couple of years ago.