Self Made Fitness Changes Lives One Session at a Time


Located in Acanta Mall, Self-Made Fitness changes lives one session at a time.

PNC’s Althea Engman has more…

Starting back in October 2020, the self-made fitness team started from outdoor sessions to opening up a studio to meet clientele demands and comfort levels.

Self-Made fitness says that with 99.9% of their clients being private clients Self-made fitness is Guam’s 1st fitness boutique that offers group fitness sessions, personal training, and more

According to Eric Tallada, Self Made fitness’s owner, they try their best to make sure their clients are comfortable while reaching their fitness goals.

He said, “They come to either get, we’re not therapist or doctors, they come to get some good workouts, like I said they are scared of the gym, it’s a bit more intense so they come here to private studio, they enjoy their workout and they get a lot of aerobic exercises some people who get injured outside they come this way, we help them and go through some forms of exercises and help them.”

One of the things they offer is Tactical Tabata , one of the first programs on the island through self made fitness being taught by Coach Jes, a former 7th time world champion MMA fighter.

This style of workout elevates your calorie burn in a compacted time frame, physically conditioning your cardiovascular endurance.


Tallada said, “In Guam, we love to eat, we love our food, so in providing this type of in training, it’s gonna help bring back and cut calories, cut carbs and body fat and that’s important in the health and fitness industry and a lot of our people here on guam most especially with our diabetes rate and unhealthy mannerism we wanted to give back.”

Currently, there are future plans to open up multiple studios or to create an outdoor gym to accommodate more people.

You can check them out on instagram and facebook for more information on the services they can provide for you.

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