Seminar tackles better collaboration during emergencies

David Fukutomi, workshop facilitator, said everybody has to work together to pool together their limited resources.

In order to improve disaster preparedness, several government agencies met to discuss how they can better collaborate in the event of an emergency.

Earlier today, the Offices of Guam Homeland Security and Civil Defense held a seminar to engage key senior officials on how to address catastrophic events with content specifically designed for our jurisdiction.

Because of Guam’s location, resource distribution can pose a unique challenge during a disaster, which is why it’s important for agencies to be well aware of their roles in an emergency.

David Fukutomi, workshop facilitator, said: “Everybody has to work together to pool together their limited resources — whether it’s the military, Joint Region Marianas, to the Coast Guard, the Red Cross, FEMA … all have to work together more closely here and setting priorities on how you use those resources because there’s not much to go around initially.”

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Attendees of the seminar included officials from the government of Guam as well as federal, military, and other emergency management stakeholders.