Sen. Guthertz Applauds Calvo’s Call to Reduce Spending


Guam – In response to  Gov.-Elect Eddie Calvo’s transition team’s call to suppress further obligations of the Government of Guam Sen. Judi Guthertz, in a response letter today, lauded the Governor–elect and pledged to take on the challenge.
Sen. Guthertz will update and forward a deficit reduction plan, which she created at the start of her senatorial career in 2007, to the soon to be formed Fiscal Revenue Enhancement and Deficit Commission of the incoming administration.  

Sen. Guthertz wrote the Gov.-elect, “In 2007, among the first of my proffered initiatives as a then-freshman lawmaker, was a proposed deficit reduction plan. I submitted the 42 point plan to then-Speaker Mark Forbes, to you, then-Chairperson of the Committee on Finance of the 29th Guam Legislature, to my colleagues, Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks and Governor Felix P. Camacho.”

She added, “I will update that proposal to reflect our government’s current financial constraints.” As well, Sen. Guthertz told Gov.-Elect Calvo that the plan would be humane because “…my goal is that there should be no layoffs or tax increases.”

Guthertz concluded, “I hope that this will assist the Fiscal Revenue Enhancement and Deficit Commission that you will soon empanel.