Sen. Louise Muña introduces bill to give administrative leave to bone marrow donors


Freshman Senator Louise Muña has introduced a new bill that seeks to aid GovGuam employees who are organ donors.

Guam – Bill 48 would provide up to 20 days of administrative leave to government employees who are donating an organ, tissue, or bone marrow, without having to tap into their annual or sick leave.

Republican Senator Louise Muña told PNC “There’s definitely a need for it, and thanks to Dr. (Thomas) Shieh for organizing all these bone marrow drives. And all these heroes are coming out, and we want to help them. We want to help the heroes who are trying to help… It’s part of my quest — the reason why I ran is to help people who have cancer and people who want to help people with cancer. So, it’s just an extension of it; a feel-good bill.”

While Bill 48’s provisions apply to GovGuam employees, Senator Muña is also encouraging employers in the private sector to follow suit.