Advisory commission formed to cut GovGuam costs as tourist arrivals plunge


Senator Joe San Agustin, who is Chairman of the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee, has announced the creation of a bi-partisan Advisory Commission on Government Reorganization and Revitalization.

The goal of the bi-partisan commission is to cut costs by right sizing GovGuam in the wake of the more than 15,000 tourists who have cancelled their visits to Guam in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

“We have to prepare for the worst if tourism numbers continue to decline,” said San Agustin.  “This means everything is on the table if we’re to control costs and grow the economy in other ways and at the same time.”

Government expenses, long-term indebtedness, unfunded or underfunded mandates, even policies that will bring in new revenues or spur private sector growth for other industries, it’s all up for discussion because it affects the budget,” says Senator Joe S. San Agustin, Chair of the Advisory Commission.

“We don’t want to end up right back where we were a few years ago. We are seeing little to no growth in some areas of the economy. If it worsens, then everyone suffers, not just GovGuam. I’m glad that Senator San Agustin is being proactive, inclusive and transparent,” says Senator Wil Castro and Co-Chair of the Advisory Commission.

The commission includes fellow senators as well as members from the private sector.

Advisory Commission Members include:

Sen. Joe S. San Agustin, Chair Sen. Wil Castro, Co-Chair
Sen. Clynt Ridgell, Member Sen. Mary C. Torres, Member
Mr. Stephen Guerrero, Director, Office of Finance and Budget
Mr. Bertha Duenas, Chief Fiscal Advisor to the Governor of Guam
Mr. Joe Arnett, Chairman, Guam Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Roseann Jones, Professor of Economics, University of Guam
Mr. Carlos Camacho, Business Owner
Mr. Christian Valencia, Student of Economics, University of Guam