Sen. Terlaje decides not to accept Yona MPC nomination

Senator Jose 'Pedo' Terlaje.

Senator Jose “Pedo” Terlaje has changed his mind and decided not to accept his nomination to the Yona Municipal Planning Council.

The senator was nominated by jailed Yona Mayor Jesse Blas and he initially agreed to serve on the village planning council.

Terlaje was among 10 nominees who signed an appointment letter and agreed to serve after being nominated by Mayor Blas. Their names were released by the Mayors Council of Guam yesterday.

However, the senator’s staff last night issued a statement saying that the senator has reconsidered and will not serve on the Yona Municipal Planning Council after all.

In his statement, Senator Terlaje says: “While I initially accepted because I have been a resident of Yoña for 70 years and deeply care about the village, I realize my chairmanship of the oversight committee on Mayors would present a conflict of interest and I am declining the nomination.”

Terlaje’s appointment was questioned yesterday by a number of people including Vice Speaker Telena Nelson who asked whether the indicted mayor has the authority to appoint members to the planning council while he’s in jail.

Blas remains mayor of Yona even though he has been in jail since last September following his arrest on federal extortion and bribery allegations.