Sen. Yamashita Intros Bill To Change Guam Education Board Back to A Policy Board


Guam – Senator Aline A. Yamashita, PhD introduced Bill No. 32-31 Tuesday to revert the Guam Education Board to a policy-making body rather than operations.

The measure proposes to amend Public Law No. 30-183 that reorganized the board. While Senator Yamashita is in agreement with the law, the board should fully dedicate its time to policy to help our school system meet the issues ushered in by the 21st Century.

Read Bill # 30 [scroll down past the news release to read the bill]

“ I believe that the superintendent who is fully responsible for the operations of the public school system, should have full authority. Responsibility and authority must go hand in hand.,” Yamashita says. “ This is especially crucial as Governor Eddie Calvo proceeds with appointing 5 board members. It may be easier to find appointees if they are not be required to dedicate an exorbitant amount of time that would be required of an operations/supervision board for our 41 schools and central office.”