Senate Appropriations Committee Approves $248 Million For Guam Milcon


Congresswoman Bordallo says this reaffirms the support she has in Congress for the marine realignment. 

Guam – The senate appropriations committee has approved $248 million dollars for Guam military construction projects for fiscal year 2017.



 According to a release from Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo the senate committee approved the president’s budget request. The full house appropriations committee previously approved this spending. Congresswoman Bordallo says that “This reaffirms the bicameral support that I have worked to build in congress for the marine realignment and the progress we continue to make on the broader Asia-Pacific rebalance strategy.” The funding includes $35.3 million for Air Force munitions storage igloos, $14.2 million for a Satcom C41 facility, $31.15 for an air force Global Hawk block 40 maintenance hangar, $62.21 million for Navy power upgrades in Harmon, $26.97 for the hardening of Guam POL infrastructure, and $78.81 million to replace Andersen housing.