Senator Ada Asks Governor to Declare Emergency Over School Bus Crisis


Guam – The Chairman of the Legislature’s Committee on Public Works has formally asked Governor Felix Camacho to declare a “State of Emergency” in order to expedite the procurement of repair parts, maintenance and bus services from the private sector for the Department of Public Works to relieve the shortage of school buses.

60% of DPW 211 buses are inoperable. Only 87 buses in operation. 36 are awaiting repairs

In a letter to the Governor today [ Tuesday] Senator Ada writes “school children have been waiting up to 2 hours for the school buses to pick them up in the mornings and afternoons.”

Ada writes “there is a justification to declare a state of emergency.”

The request follows last night’s follow-up Oversight hearing held by Senator Ada’s Committee to determine what if any progress had been made on getting more school buses repaired and back on the road.

On the K-57 Breakfast Show this morning,  Senator Ada said that the hearing was “disappointing, but we made a little bit of progress.”

Hear Senator Ada on the Breakfast Show

Senator Ada said that no cost estimate was available to outsource the parts needed to make repairs and no cost estimate was given to procure private bus services. And Ada regretted that DPW’s Bus Superintendent was not present at the hearing because of an illness.

However, DPW Director Andy Leon Guerrero was present and told the Committee that DPW has identified about $150-thousand dollars within their own budget to make necessary repairs. In all however, DPW needs about $220-thousand dollars to get at least 36 buses back on the road and return the school bus schedule to some kind of normalcy.