Senator Ada’s Bill Would Help DPW Hire A Qualified Chief Engineer


Guam – Senator Tom Ada has introduced a new bill that would help the Department of Public Works hire a qualified Chief Engineer.

Bill 464-30 (COR) is  an act that will allow the DPW to hire and compensate a qualified Chief Engineers above Step 10.

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In a release, the Senator points out that DPW has recently found it difficult to attract qualified applicants for an open Chief Engineer position, with the lack of interest largely due to an existing law that prevents DPW from compensating experienced engineers at pay levels comparable with industry standards.

The release quotes Ada as saying “This legislation will allow DPW to hire and compensate the most qualified candidates to serve as Chief Engineer for the DPW Highway Division.  With the expected large increase in highway construction activity over the next several years, it is imperative that we hire the needed professional to oversee DPW’s most critical engineering divisions,” said Senator Tom Ada.

Current law stipulates that Government of Guam employees cannot be hired above Step 10 of the government’s compensation schedule, unless the position is specifically exempted.  In the past, such exemptions have been made by law to allow the Department of Education to hire experienced teachers, psychologists, and therapists above Step 10 in order to meet shortfalls in these critical professional positions. 

Bill 464-30 (COR) will similarly allow DPW to hire Chief Engineers above Step 10, provided that such candidates are on track to become registered professional engineers on Guam and have over 13 years of relevant engineering experience.