Senator Ada Holding Oversight Hearing on CLTC Commercial Leases


Senator Tom Ada is looking into a commercial lease for a quarry at the Lajuna point area and the lease of the Dededo Municipal Golf Course. 

Guam – Senator Tom Ada is holding an oversight hearing on the Chamorro Land Trust Commission at this very hour.


 He called the oversight hearing to ask questions surrounding a couple of commercial leases. One is a proposed lease of 400 acres of Chamorro Land Trust property near Lajuna point in Yigo to a private company for a quarry. The Senator wants to know how that solicitation was announced.  “One might question if this solicitation was premature because the Chamorro Land Trust doesn’t have the authority to issue commercial leases until rules and regs have been adopted by the legislature,” said Senator Ada.

 The other is the lease of what was supposed to be the Dededo municipal golf course which is now the Guam International Country Club. The lease which was granted in the 80’s was recently renewed but it used the old dated property value from the 80’s instead of the the current property value. “That land is now valued at $6.4 million dollars so if you were gonna base the rent on that the Chamorro Land Trust commission over the next 25 years should be able to get at least $19 million dollars in total revenues so that’s a difference of about almost $12 million,” said Senator Ada. The


 Senator says he will also look into whether or not the golf course is catering to locals as it was supposed to be a municipal golf course.