Senator Ada: “The TRAN bill will not be transmitted”

Guam International Airport Authority general manager Tom Ada said the rent it charges GCQA is essentially what it costs the airport to operate the facility. This includes power, water, and custodial services and the rates paid for those have changed, espcially power rates, which have increased.

The bill would allow for tax refunds to be released within weeks or even days of filing instead of months.

Guam – Despite an opinion from the Supreme Court that would clearly indicate the tax refund borrowing bill did receive enough votes to pass, the legislature will not be transmitting the bill to the governor’s office.

“The TRAN bill remains in the Legislature. The Court only addressed the question about passage of a bill, i.e. votes required. It did not address the action on the TRAN,” said acting Legislative Secretary Sen. Tom Ada, therefore, he adds, “The TRAN bill will not be transmitted.”

Supreme Court Justices yesterday issued their opinion on the votes required in order for a bill to pass the legislature, agreeing with the governor that it only takes a majority of those present and voting and not the eight minimum votes as spelled out in the legislature’s standing rules.

However, the higher court declined to address the governor’s question on whether the TRAN bill did get enough votes to pass.

Governor’s Spokeswoman Oyaol Ngirairikl says Adelup is still hopeful that the two branches of government can work together.

“We haven’t heard from the legislature yet. But certainly we’re hoping that they’ll continue to work with us. Really when you look at a lot of the progress that’s been made on island in the last 7 years through the course of this administration, it’s really, that’s really come because there’s been a partnership whether it was paying out tax refunds. We paid I think nearly a billion dollars in tax refunds,” said Ngrirairikl.

Today, Governor Eddie Calvo sent Sen. Ada a letter, requesting that he transmit the bill immediately.

“Time is of the essence,” the governor said.

“Once the bill is transmitted, it will be signed into law and my fiscal team will begin preparations for the distribution of next year’s tax refunds. With the note in place, we will be able to pay tax refunds within weeks, if not days, of people filing,” he added.

Ngirairikl says that whether or not the TRAN bill is transmitted, the Administration will still pay out tax refunds next year within the 6-month deadline.

The TRAN bill proposes to take out a $75 million line of credit for the purpose of paying out tax refunds faster.