Senator Adolpho Palacios Asks AG to Look Into Bonuses


Guam – Senator Adolpho Palacios is asking that the attorney general look into the validity of the bonuses given to The directors of DRT, DOA, and BBMR because he believes it could violate Guam law.




In fact the Guam code annotated states under chapter six that classified employees shall be rewarded by a lump sum bonus based on an amount equivalent to 3.5% of the employees based salary. There is no mention of unclassified employees. “It didn’t say anything about unclassified employees. I have not heard until recent articles that unclassified employees also received a bonus I mean under what authority is that,” asked Palacios. The senator says that if these bonuses are indeed illegal the attorney general should make an effort to recover these bonuses and return the money back into the general fund.