Senator again asks AG to pursue legal action on emergency hotel procurement

Tumon hotel used by the government of Guam for quarantine. (PNC file photo)

Senator Frank F. Blas, Jr. has sent a third letter to the Attorney General of Guam requesting that he take legal action pursuant to concerns raised with regards to the emergency procurement of hotel services for quarantine facilities on or about March of 2020.

“My first request to the Attorney General was sent on July 26, and then I sent a follow-up to that request on August 11th. I don’t see nor have I been informed of any reason why action cannot or has not been initiated. Enough time has elapsed to decide on what action will be taken, and the people of Guam deserve to know what that will be,” Senator Blas said.

Blas’ request was made after the Office of the Public Auditor released a report (No.21-06) on the Government of Guam Procurement of Hotels Used for COVID-19 Quarantine. The report identified four (4) deficiencies in the procurement of the hotel services which were:

(1) The Governor’s Office lacking procurement authority to procure quarantine and isolation facilities;

(2) The Governor’s legal counsel had a conflict of interest with one of the awarded facilities;

(3) An incomplete procurement record; and

(4) The quarantine and isolation facility contracts did not conform to the requirements set forth in the Government’s Executive Order and Procurement Law.

“I pray that the AG acts on the request and does not think that by just ignoring it, the matter will fade away. If the Public Auditor, with the confidence and expertise he has in his office, combined with his legal and legislative experience, believes that there were deficiencies in the procurement process, then I believe as well that legal action should be taken,” Blas said.