Senator Aguon Calls on Governor to Identify the Funding Needed to Pay Merit Bonuses to Court Employees


Guam – Senator Frank Aguon Jr. is calling on Governor Calvo to identify the necessary funding  to pay the merit bonuses owed to Court employees.

The Senator points out that the Governor has paid out bonuses to executive branch employees and her asks the Governor to do the same for “the Judiciary’s personnel who have performed exemplary.”

READ the release from Senator Aguon below:

In a letter sent today to the governor, Senator Frank B. Aguon, Jr. urges the governor to identify funds necessary for the Judiciary of Guam to pay the merit bonuses due to its employees who have outstanding performances within the recognized statute of limitations timeline identified by the Administrator of Courts.

Senator Aguon states, “regarding the management and payment of government of Guam obligations, I would like to once again call on your administration to identify the funds necessary to address another financial obligation that you have otherwise recognized and applied within the executive branch line agencies. I am referring to the payment of meritorious bonuses due to Judiciary of Guam employees who have performed exemplary during the timeframe identified in the attached letter from the Judiciary’s Administrator of Courts, dated February 25, 2013.”

Senator Aguon concludes, “…I urge your direct intervention and attention to this matter and encourage you to instruct your financial team to identify the funds necessary to address the merit bonus payments to the Judiciary’s personnel who have performed exemplary…to assure the employees of the Judiciary that this particular mandate will continue to serve as a reminder that outstanding work performance in our government will be rewards…”