Senator Aguon’s Bill to Roll Back Only Senators Raises to be Heard Soon


Bill Will Not Roll Back Raises for Governor Lt. Governor & Cabinet Members

Guam – Senator Frank Aguon Jr. has introduced yet another bill to roll back raises but this one would only roll back the raises for senators and not for the Governor, Lt. Governor, or Attorney General.



 Senator Mike San Nicolas recently introduced a similar measure one that would’ve rolled back raises for all elected and appointed officials except for mayors. That bill failed on the session floor. Only San Nicolas and Vice-Speaker Cruz voted yes. Meanwhile Vice-Speaker Cruz says he will call for a public hearing on this latest measure for the 29th of December. He says this is still enough time to allow it to be heard reported out of committee and voted on on the session floor. “The new legislature doesn’t get inaugurated until the morning of the fifth this legislature will continue to exist until nine o’clock on the morning of the fifth before the inauguration of the next and anytime after that we can come back into session to address it (bill)436 and to adjourn but we fully intended to be in session that last week for the purpose of receiving any vetoes that the government may have for the bills that we have passed,” said Vice-Speaker Cruz. Vice-Speaker Cruz says they can deal with Senator Aguon’s bill at that time as well.