Aguon to Esperansa: AG’s Opinion Needed Before Action on Bill 54


Guam – Senator Frank Aguon, Jr. is reiterating the need to obtain the opinion of Attorney Generals’ office on the Constitutionality of Bill 54 before lawmakers can continue to consider the proposed measure.  

In response to Thursday’s criticism from the Esperansa Project which has accused lawmakers of stalling on the measure, the Senator released a statement saying:  “Bill 54 has been referred to the Office of the Attorney General. We have to ensure that an appropriate review is conducted on this contentious and legally complicated issue. I have always been pro-life, but when it’s about legislation that needs careful consideration, it is my obligation to ensure that all concerns are properly addressed.” 

Read Aguon’s letter to AG requesting opinion on constitutionality of Bill 54

“We are taking the necessary steps to make sure that we are getting the right information for consideration on this complicated issue. Considering the legal and social implications of the proposed measure it is imperative that an opinion of the AG’s office be available for lawmakers to review before we move forward.

Senator Aguon further explained that various rulings on similar legislation have been cited by both proponents and opponents of Bill 54. The issue of constitutionality were raised during the public hearing, and, continued to be even after the committee report was issued issue continued to come up.

There are issues pertaining to the rights of the patients’ unimpeded access to reproductive health care and medical attention directly relevant to their individual circumstances. We don’t want to go through this process only to find out that the law is inorganic. Obtaining an Attorney General’s opinion is appropriate for the community, Senator Aguon said.