Senator Aguon Confident in Merits of The Election Lawsuit


Guam – Today PNC caught up with Senator Frank Aguon Jr. to talk to him about the election lawsuit filed by the the Gutierrez/Aguon team. It is the first time that either Gutierrez or Aguon have spoke to the media about the lawsuit that was launched by their legal team.


Senator Aguon told us that he is thankful for the many people who came forward with information about the irregularities they encountered in this general election. He could not speak about the specifics of the case as he would rather leave that up to his legal team, but he did sound confident that they had compelling evidence. “When you look at the lawsuit that is in place we’re gonna be presenting evidence that would justify that in fact the people of Guam be given that opportunity to have a re-election in a gubernatorial race only because there were so many questionable activities and I’ll leave the rest up to the attorneys,” said Aguon. If their lawsuit is not successful Senator Aguon says he will consider going to the private sector but he will also not rule out remaining in Guam politics.