Senator asks BBMR to update ARPA report to include funds not yet allocated

Senator Telo Taitague (PNC file photo)

Senator Telo Taitague on Monday transmitted a letter to BBMR calling upon the bureau to update its Nov. 4 American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) Funds Report submitted to the Legislature.

In her letter, Senator Taitague said that “Section 27 (Chapter 13, Part 2 of Public Law 36-54) requires that the total ARPA fund allocation to I Maga’håga should include an accounting of all ARPA funding that has yet to be discretionarily earmarked to a program or activity.”

“This pandemic has highly impacted Guam. I Liheslatura is concerned over the transparency of recovery funds and the lack of responsiveness towards providing critical information that could influence policies and budget at the local funding level. Transparency is equally vital in building trust between our citizenry and government, especially when schools, businesses, and the lives of each person are made hostage by this pandemic,” Taitague said.

She added: “The recovery funds made available to Guam assure that the new norms brought on by this pandemic become incessantly more bearable.”