Senator Barnes: Abandoned Vehicle Program Up and Running


Guam – Synergistic efforts of motivated partners involved in the Abandoned Vehicle Program has ensured a smooth operations plan for Guam.

Representatives of the Mayor’s Council of Guam (MCOG), Balli Steel Guam (BSG), Guam Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA), the General Services Agency (GSA) and the Office of Senator Muña Barnes have been meeting weekly to examine the processes that enabled the Santa Rita Pilot Cleanup and explore necessary changes to the system in place. Collaboration between the groups has resulted in the unanimous adoption of Standard Operating Procedures, protocols for the launching of each village cleanup and a streamlined processing of payments for vendors.

GEPA Administrator Liz Cruz reinforces this collaborative effort as she states, “We want to continue to work together to facilitate this project. Our goal is to hit every village and continue to protect Guam’s environment. Our main goal is ensuring that all recyclable metal waste will be removed and provide for a cleaner environment for Guam’s families.”

Vice Mayor Robert Hofmann emphasizes, “The people have paid into this fund and are entitled to these services. We hope that our policy makers and the administration continue to see the efforts that the mayors are making in our island and that the money goes to fulfill the intent of the law.” MCOG Executive Director Angel Sablan points out, “This is a continuation of our commitment to clean up our island once and for all. We started in Santa Rita, adjusted the process and we are now in Barrigada. We’re going to keep on until every village is cleaned.”

Senator Muña Barnes has been facilitating the weekly meetings and expresses delight in the cohesion and effectiveness of this public-private partnership. “This group has a unified goal and continually works toward the bigger picture…One Green Guam. I often say, it is the public-private partnerships that will enable Guam to adapt to and overcome our challenges.”

The Abandoned Vehicle Program will be hosting a press conference at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, December 16th at the Barrigada Community Center with a tour to the launch site to take place after.

For more information please call the Office of Senator Muña Barnes at 472-3455/6