Senators Barnes and Taijeron Ask for Input on Nimitz Beach From Agat Residents


Guam – Senators Tina Rose Muna Barnes and Mana Silva Taijeron have sent a letter to Agat Mayor Carol Tayama asking for her input in tackling the erosion problem at Nimitz Beach Park.

In the letters the Senators said they have met with the Department Parks and Recreation, Bureau of Statistics and Planning, Department of Public Works, Vice Mayor Quintanilla and village residents to appraise the current condition of the beach and offer recommendations.

“Before proceeding with the planning and implementation of these recommendations,” the letter states “Senator Silva Taijeron and I (Senator Muna Barnes) want to ensure we are acting in correlation with the expectations of the residents of Agat.”

Read the letter to Mayor Tayama

The letter goes on to ask Mayor Tayama to arrange a meeting with the municipal planning council as soon as possible to determine progression of action.