Senator Barnes’ Bottle Bill Set for Implementation Soon


Guam – The bottle bill introduced by Senator Tina Muna Barnes was signed into law on December 30th, and will be implemented shortly.



 The new law adds a five cent deposits on beverage containers. The five cent deposit will go into the beverage container recycling deposit fund. This fund will be used to give four cents to the consumer for every container they recycle. The remaining one cent will be used for administrative costs, auditing costs, and educational outreach. Senator Barnes will be holding a roundtable meeting bringing all the stakeholders together on the 13th to work on implementation. “Of course EPA will probably be the agency that will facilitate and lead this and bring all of the stakeholders together of course department of revenue and taxation all of the recycling companies anybody whose interested in coming in,” said Barnes.  According to the Senator, the military, which accounts for a significant amount of the beverage containers, is ready to participate as well.