Senator Barnes Goes High Tech for the Environment


Guam  – Senator Muña Barnes has integrated green technology and community work via the use of her smart phone. Using the mobile application SeeClickFix, Senator Muña Barnes fosters ownership in the public using visual references of village problems with smart phones. The problems are immediately channeled to respective mayors utilizing the same application. Additionally, the reports are immediately submitted to relevant agencies like GPA, GWA, GPD and DPW via email.

SeeClickFix enables individuals to track issues anywhere in Guam via the internet, thereby empowering citizens, community groups, media organizations, and government agencies to take care of and improve their neighborhoods. It’s as simple as seeing the problem, clicking a picture of the problem and monitoring the progress as it is fixed.   With SeeClickFix, village residents can track the improvement of their community on their smart phones and computers.

SeeClickFix empowers village mayors to identify problems in their communities as soon as they are reported and reduces the time and resources, like gas and manpower, mayors have to spend surveying issues in their village. SeeClickFix speeds up the process in which problems are reported. Citizens who take the time to report even minor issues and see them fixed are likely to be more engaged in their local communities, creating a self-reinforcing loop that also makes people happy , which benefits everyone.

Senator Muña Barnes encourages all those with the capability on their mobile smart phones to download the SeeClickFix application and report incidents using this program.

The Senator states, “I have been an advocate for the mayors since I first became a senator and I believe that SeeClickFix is a great way to help the mayors help their villages. The app works with different kinds of smartphones, such as iPhones, Blackberrys and Droids, so I encourage everyone to use the application and be an active part in the community.  Citizens and community groups can become even more actively engaged and work with village mayors to address issues.”  Senator Muña Barnes will be presenting the program app to the Mayor’s Council of Guam (MCOG) on October 20, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. in the MCOG Offices.