Senator Barnes Introduces “See-Click-Fix” App To Mayors


Guam- Senator Tina Muna Barnes has found a way to integrate green technology and community work through the use of smart phones and computers on Guam. All you have to do is “SeeClickFix”!

At Wednesday’s Mayors’ Council meeting, the senator and her staff did a presentation on how the “SeeClickFix” application can help the mayors help their villages. She says this free software enables users to track issues via the internet and empowers them to take care of and improve their neighborhoods. Barnes adds the program speeds up the process in which problems are reported by engaging residents to work with the mayors and agency heads on a different level.

“If they see a problem within their villages, they can click, take a photo of it and automatically you can input your issue of concern” said Barnes. “It will get transmitted to the mayors, to the agency heads that need to know the concern and then we look at fixing the problem. It’s a free app. That anybody can get on. It’s like facebook, but to save our environment.”

Some of the mayors were concerned the list of issues may get backed up and if agencies will truly participate. However, Barnes told them those issues can always be worked out and that this informational tool is worth a try.

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