Senator Barnes, Mayors & GPA Discuss How To Improve “See Click Fix” Program


Guam- Village mayors support the “See Click Fix” program, introduced by Senator Tina Muna Barnes, but also aired out their concerns at Wednesday’s round table discussion held in the legislative public hearing room.

Agat Mayor Carol Tayama says she likes the idea of the program, but feels more training is key to fully utilize the integration of technology in resolving issues in the villages. Tayama also inquired about how the Mayors Council would work with agencies to fix these problems.

“I think it’ll work for us” said Tayama. “The only problem is, senator, is we’re just like conduits. We get the requests of the residents and then we call the agencies. So, now we get pictures of problems or issues in our villages and then we turn it over to the agencies?”

Senator Barnes and her staff say the program provides another layer of transparency in how issues are fixed and another way to empower Guam’s young people to be active members of society.

“This is one way the younger generation can also get in the loop” said Barnes. “Like Don [Muna] said earlier, about communicating closely with their mayors and making sure the mayors are doing something. And coming to the resolve, at least posting what completions have been done when concerns are brought up.”

Barnes introduced the “See Click Fix” application back in October to the mayors council to help them take care of and improve their neighborhoods through the use of smart phones and computers. The Guam Power Authority (GPA) is also an active participant in this program.