Senator Barnes Working to Get Water Restored to Veterns Affairs Office


Guam – Senator Tina Muña Barnes says she is working to get water service restored to the Veterans Affairs Office [OVA].

The Office has been without running water for the last 3 weeks after the Guam Waterworks Authority [GWA] cut service because of an un-paid $73,299.75  water bill.

In a release, the Senator says she has spoken with the Governor’s Office and GWA’s Heidi Ballendorf as well as the Veterans Affairs Office.

All agree, says Barnes, that the huge bill was the result of  leaky water pipe at the Veterans’ Cemetery which has not yet been fixed.

The Senator is quoted in her release as saying:  “Since I have been made aware of the situation by members of Project Guiding Light, veterans I have encountered at public functions and staff of the Office of Veteran Affairs, I consider this an urgent matter. Undoubtedly, this is a major problem as well as a public safety hazard for the occupants of any facility to go without water for such an extended period of time. Additionally, it is an extreme waste of a precious resource. I have sought the help of the Office of the Governor as well as the Guam Waterworks Authority in hopes of getting this resolved. The bottom line is that the government can no longer afford to accumulate this unnecessary debt, which is only further going to escalate, if not rectified immediately.”