Blas Proposes Sending 2 Guam Reps to the U.S. Senate


Senator Frank Blas Jr. has introduced Bill 231 which calls for the people of Guam to elect two individuals to represent Guam in the U.S. Senate.

 Blas says he introduced the measure because Guam has had bills like war reparations defeated in the senate where the island has no representatives. Guam currently has a non-voting delegate in the house of representatives but none in the senate. Senator Blas says it’s time that the federal government decide whether Guam is a part of the United States or not. “And if we are part of the United States if we are truly American Citizens give us the opportunity to be able to participate in the decision making process there are many things that have occurred in D.C. that have come as mandates and things that we on Guam have to follow with no voice at all,” said Senator Blas.

 Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo has just introduced another war reparations bill and Senator Blas commends her for doing so. He also says two Guam Representatives in the Senate, would help push bills like war reparations through congress.