Senator Blas Disappointed President Obama Didn’t Fight For War Reparations


Guam- Senator Frank Blas Jr. is visibly upset the war reparations measure didn’t make it through the Senate’s 2011 Defense Authorization bill.

The war claims advocate says in the midst of the military buildup, this was the opportunity for Washington to show that they understand and say thank you for what Guam went through during World War II. Furthermore, he finds it appalling that war claims was the only provision stricken from the compromise measure. While he maintains it’s not about the money for war survivors, he didn’t think it was fair that Congress approved a $4 billion health care bill for survivors and victims of 9-11 after shooting down war claims. Blas also feels President Barack Obama didn’t keep his promise to help pass war reparations.

“The President made this as a campaign promise to the people of Guam” said Blas. “It was clear. This was the perfect opportunity for him to be able to make good on this promise. Did he forget about us because we don’t vote for him? Did he forget about us because they already gave him the nod to become the presidential candidate? So now you’re President…what are you going to do for us? You don’t want to visit us. You don’t want to talk about us. You don’t want to talk to us. You don’t care? What is it going to take?”

Moving forward, Blas says war reparations is a major sticking point as to what the U.S. wants to do to Guam. He mentions that before the military buildup moves any further, a number of unresolved issues must be addressed first.