Senator Blas is Lobbying to Include Guam in Legislation to Save Puerto Rico


The legislation for Puerto Rico includes EITC reimbursements and lifting of the Medicaid Cap.

Guam – Senator Frank Blas Jr. is pushing for Guam’s inclusion in legislation that would save Puerto Rico from financial collapse.


 Senator Blas will be traveling to Washington, D.C. later this month and will meet with Assistant Secretary for Insular Affairs Esther Kia’aina. The Senator wrote to Kia’aina saying he would like to talk with her about reimbursing Guam for Federal Earned Income Tax Credits, lifting the Medicaid cap and additional compact impact reimbursements for Guam. The Senator is lobbying to have this language included in the draft legislation for Puerto Rico. “Right now the discussion in Congress is finding ways to be able to save Puerto Rico from it’s financial collapse that they anticipate to happen near the end of this month, and in that discussions there are a number of provisions one is the Earned Income Tax Credit and the issue with regards to Medicaid. Same issues as we experience and concerns that we have here on Guam,” said Senator Blas.

 Senator Blas and Senator Ada already met with Kia’aina and discussed these issues with her last week during her visit to the Marianas.