Blas Believes Defeat of 2011 Defense Bill Will Give War Reps A 2ed Chance


Guam – Early Friday morning the U.S. Senate shot down the 2011 Defense Authorization Bill. Senator Frank Blas Jr. says that this is something that could be good for Guam’s push to get war reparations.

The House version of the Defense Authorization Bill contained in it a provision for war reparations, but the Senate version didn’t.

Now that the Senate version has failed, U.S. lawmakers will have to draft a new version. And Senator Blas says this gives Guam Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo a chance to put a war reparations provision back into the new version of the bill.

“This actually provides us another opportunity to place it in the senate version I think it would bode well for the provision if it was contained in both the house and senate version so if it’s there in both versions then in the joint version chances are more likely that it would be included in that one as well,” said Senator Blas.

After both the House and Senate pass the Defense Authorization act they will have to reconcile the two different versions of the bill until they decide upon one common version.