Senator Blas Seeks Obama’s Support for Guam War Rep Bill


Guam -Guam Senator Frank Blas Jr. has written directly to President Barack Obama seeking the President’s support for the Guam war reparations bill now before congress.

In his letter, Senator Blas points out that Guam citizens can not file war claims against Japan because of the 1951 Treaty of Peace with Japan  resolved that country of its responsibility.

Secondly the Senator argues that the U.S. “seized billions of dollars worth of assets … and other holdings from Japan and Germany after WW II that were earmarked in part to pay for issues like war claims … and [quoting the Guam War Claims Review Commission Chairman Mauricio Tamargo] ‘…it could be argued … that these Guam claims would be paid with [seized] Japanese funds.'”

READ Senator Blas’s letter to President Obama

Senator Blas concludes: “Given the federal impediment preventing the survivors from Guam from filing war claims, and the previous seizure
of the former lmperialJapan’s assets to pay for it, I humbly ask, Mr. President, for your insistence and support to include the funding for Guam’s war claims in the upcoming budget. Bring closure for the greatest generation of America’s past, Guam’s war survivors.”

READ Senator Blas’s letter to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner