Senator Brant McCreadie Introduces Bill to Build Homeless Shelter


 The Homeless Assistance Act of 2015 would set aside funds to construct a homeless shelter that the department of public health and social services would operate. 

Guam – Senator Brant McCreadie has introduced a the Homeless Assistance Act of 2015.


 Bill 173 would set aside money from the Tourist Attraction Fund and money from the Safe Streets Fund in order to build a homeless shelter on Guam. Senator McCreadie says they’ve identified about $268 thousand dollars that they will set aside for 2 years and then $78 thousand dollars annually after that. He says the best way to eliminate homelessness is to build the necessary infrastructure to address it. “This is very important in keeping our streets safe not just for our community and our tourists but the homeless people as well and their families. So aside from that we’re gonna also mandate that they work with the Department of Labor and they get some job outreach job training programs so we can integrate them back into the community,” said Senator McCreadie.


 If passed and signed into law the bill would require the Department of Public Health to either find an existing GovGuam building or construct a new building to serve as a homeless shelter. The shelter would also be operated by Public Health. 


  1. Did anyone care to check with Public Health on whether they’ve agreed to run this homeless shelter? Here we go again. No money for food? Don’t worry, we have SNAP. No money for housing? We’ve got Section 8. Not enough money for utilities? We’ll help pay that for you. Now this idea of the Senator’s is interesting. If McCreadie is so much in favor of this idea, I say put him in charge of the day to day operations. It would be interesting seeing him break up fights inside the shelter as well as enforce the no drugs policy. Getting these people to learn a trade would be comparable to squeezing water from a rock. It’s just not going to happen.

  2. This man has to be voted out of the legislature…He gave himself a pay raise and now he wants to pretend he cares…I want to be homeless when is my house going to be build? The drop out rate in all schools will increase…Why work….give and alcholoic beer so that he will stop drinking…another idea up his as_….

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