Senator Brant McCreadie Introduces Guam Ocean and Fisheries Conservation Act of 2015


Guam Ocean and Fisheries Conservation Act of 2015 creates a fisheries management council that will be tasked with creating rules regulations permits and fees for fishing on Guam.

Guam – Senator Brant McCreadie has introduced a bill that would create a Guam Ocean and Fisheries Management Council to come up with Rules Regulations permits and fees for fishing on Guam. These fees would then fund the construction of boat ramps in Yigo and in Talofofo.


 “We’ve come up with I think a starting point and maybe a long term solution to conserving protecting and making sure we have those precious resources in our waters that surround our island and make sure that they’re there and that they are sustainable,” said McCreadie. The Senator has introduced the Guam Ocean and Fisheries Conservation Act of 2015. The bill establishes a seven member commission to develop rules and regulations for fishing in and around Guam. “We’re going to put two loading ramps. One in Yigo and one in Talofofo and hopefully along the way we can rehabilitate the one in Inarajan,” said Senator McCreadie. A loading ramp in Yigo and Talofofo would be extremely beneficial for search and rescue efforts as it would give rescue crews two places to launch from the Eastern side of the island.

 To fund these boating ramps the commission will have to come up with permits and permit fees for the “conduct of commercial marine operations and the harvesting of fish and other marine life in the waters of Guam.” These fees will also allow them to hire more conservation officers “The key is what we’re going to do to implement it and make sure that future generations and current generations as well have something that they can sustain which is our ocean,” said the lawmaker.


 Senator McCreadie says he worked closely with Fisherman’s Coop President Manny Duenas to help craft the bill. 


  1. It is time for new faces at the legislature…Candidates who are for the Public interest and not personal Salary increases for personal gain..

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