Senator Brown: Port hiring practices lowered

Sen. Joanne Brown (PNC video capture)

Following the Civil Service Commission (CSC) ruling which upheld the Port Authority of Guam’s hiring practices of convicted felons and sex offenders, Senator Joanne Brown said the ruling is to be expected considering the threshold of hiring Port employees has been “lowered.”

She said this can be likened to the gates at the Port Authority of Guam being left “unmanned and unlocked.”

Based on the CSC findings, Brown said the audit of employee records focused mainly on the Employee’s Suitability Determination (SD) form from the Port Authority of Guam (PAG) and the employee’s disclosure of any convictions for violations of the law.

The audit also reviewed police and court clearances and found offenses listed on Police and/or Court Clearances that were incompatible or the information conflicted between the two records.

“This audit relied heavily on the disclosure of information by the employee and the assumption that PAG had responsibly executed its due diligence of criminal background checks, both locally and federally, of every employee,” Senator Brown said. “Everyone deserves a second chance to better their lives and be contributing members to the community; however, the rehabilitation of convicted felons, sex offenders, and individuals charged with official misconduct shouldn’t be at the expense of ratepayers and taxpayers, more importantly, these individuals shouldn’t be rewarded employment with the government of Guam,” Brown said.

(Senator Joanne M. Brown Release)