Senator calls for firing of public swimming pool contractor

Senator Kelly Marsh (Taitano) (PNC file photo)

More problems with both local pools as the Department of Parks and Recreation announced today that the Dededo swimming pool will remain closed until further notice.

This prompted Sen. Kelly Marsh-Taitano to call for the immediate termination of the contract with the pools’ contractor Canton Construction Corp.

The senator has been in consultation for weeks with DPR and Canton Construction only to find that many of the promised solutions for the problems at the Dededo pool aren’t being implemented.

The Dededo pool being closed again last week, and again today in response to public health concerns about the murkiness of the water, is the latest evidence indicating lack of compliance by the contractor to manage the pool and the lack of action on behalf of DPR to ensure the contractor is living up to its contractual responsibilities.

Though there is no timeline, Marsh-Taitano has called upon DPR director Richard Ybanez to seriously reconsider the current contract that was signed in May 2018 for $660,000 with Canton Construction.

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“We’re at a point in time where they need to really seriously look at that violations and options clause and determine what the options are for potentially terminating that contract. So, there isn’t a timeline per se, but they do need to look at that seriously because we’re at this point in time where over and over, week after week, month after month, the issues have not been resolved. I’m extremely disappointed that we’re at this point,” Marsh-Taitano said.

The contract with Canton Construction expires in May of this year.

A continuation of the Feb. 7 oversight hearing on the Department of Parks and Recreation and the two public swimming pools is scheduled for Friday evening.