Senator Pangelinan Appeals to Governor to Sign Bill 492


Guam – Senator Ben Pangelinan has written to Governor Eddie Calvo urging him to sign Bill No. 492.

Governor Felix Camacho did not act on Bill No.  492, before he left office. 

The measure would authorize the Government of Guam Retirement Fund to use $3M to pay for COLA claimants.  It would further authorize I Maga’lahen Guahan to issue promissory notes “not to exceed the total amount of all outstanding and unredeemed Certificates of Claim to “COLA” Awardees”.

In his letter to Governor Calvo, Senator Pangelinan states:

“As the newly inaugurated Governor of Guam, U.S.C. 48 § 1423i (The Organic Act of Guam) provides the Governor thirty (30) days to sign Bill 492-30 (COR) into law if the bill cannot be returned to the Legislature. With the adjournment of the I Mina Trenta Na Lehislaturan Guahan, the bill cannot be returned, but you as the Governor of Guam can still enact it into law, “if signed by the Governor within thirty days after it shall have been presented to him.”

As Senators, both Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Tenorio voted “YES” on Bill No. 492.  Senator Pangelinan is hopeful that they will be true to their support of our manamko and sign Bill No. 492 into law.