Senator Rodriguez Calls on Governor to Declare a State of Emergency Over Lack of Ambulances


Guam – Freshman Senator Dennis Rodriquez is calling on Governor Calvo to declare an emergency over lack of working ambulances on island.

In a release, Rodriquez states that he is gravely concerned because he says there are currently only 2 working ambulances for the entire island.

In his letter to Governor Eddie Calvo the Senator urges “immediate action aimed towards addressing the situation.”

The release also states:

Senator Rodriguez, Jr., stated,  “Without a doubt, the glaring inadequacy of two (2) ambulances attempting to provide critical emergency care and transport island-wide is unconscionable, directly threatens public safety, and clearly constitutes a state-of-emergency which must be immediately addressed.”

Several steps are being encouraged,  (1) the declaration of a state-of-emergency so that funds may be transferred to procure and/or immediately repair the ambulances required;  (2)  the issuance of an Executive Order authorizing GFD to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement for the use of certified ambulances currently being operated by three licensed private medical transport companies on Guam;  and, (3) exploring with the U.S. Navy Commander, Joint Region Marianas, the possible acquisition or use of military ambulances for emergency response situations pending the government of Guam’s acquisition and repair of its’ ambulances.