Senator Duenas calls out Political Organization

Senator (R) Chris Duenas 37th Guam Legislature Photo

The Political Organization Progressive Democrats of Guam are currently under fire by Republican Senator Chris Duenas for allegedly spreading what Duenas says is a false amendment to his bill 32-37.

The false amendment saying that it would take the already appropriated monies to teacher pay raises and reappropriate them to fund maintenance and school repairs.

“Coming from my family who know me. They had to endure it until I could send them the verification that it was false and it was a lie Madam Speaker. They spent hours of their day today wondering,” said Duenas during last night’s emergency session.

The Political organization, “Progressive Democrats of Guam” posted on Facebook last night the false amendment. The document reads “all funds under the Educator Pay Plan…that were allotted for pay increases for teachers and administrators shall be re-programmed for the maintenance and repair of school facilities and infrastructure.”

The Facebook post has since been taken down.

In response to the false amendment, Minority Leader Republican Senator Frank Blas Jr. said on the emergency session floor last night, “you’re going to tell me that my colleague is going to do this to the teachers…and then you’re going to accuse, further accuse that someone in this body conspired to be able to get this done ?”

Blas further stating, “this is our house and I’m one that’s going to defend it.”

Since calling out the “Progressive Democrats of Guam” the organization issued the following statement,

“according to Senator Chris M. Duenas, the floor amendment which we had shared was not proffered by him. We take him at his word and apologize for passing on a widely spreading rumor about a floor amendment to cut the funding for teacher and administrator pay.”

In response to the apology, Duenas in an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo said, “apology not accepted.”

Further saying, “as far as I’m concerned it originated from Julian Janssen from Progressive Democrats of Guam. And I’ve filed a criminal complaint under 9GCA 46.25, that is a forgery code. And I got that great legal advise from Senator Tom Fisher. And this individual needs to be held accountable.”

Duenas, in a media release also added, “we all know that social media is filled with a large amount of misinformation, which often misleads the public to make wrong decisions, stimulates negative public emotions, and poses serious threats to public safety and social order. All I ask is that you consider the source.”


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