Senator Duenas Introduces Election Ballot Reform Bill


Guam – Republican Senator Chris Duenas has introduced a bill that would implement election reform specifically with ballots.



 The primary election was riddled with spoiled ballots and most of them were due to crossover votes caused by people voting Republican on one side of the ballot and then democrat when they vote for Guam’s delegate to congress on the other side of the ballot. “I thought let’s do it now that it’s far away from the election essentially what it does is it takes the congressional race and puts it on a separate ballot completely and then it takes the partisan race and makes it a two sided ballot where you would have the Republicans on one side and the Democrats on another side this should greatly reduce the incidence of spoiled ballots,” said Senator Duenas.

 Duenas says that it will also allow people to vote for Guam’s delegate even if the delegate is in the opposite party than they voted for in the legislative or gubernatorial race.