Senator Duenas Intros Measure to Put GALC & CLTC Under Land Management


Guam – Senator Chris Dueñas introduced a Bill today [Thursday] that will combine the functions of the Ancestral Lands Commission (ALC) and the Chamorro Land Trust Commission (CLTC) under the Department of Land Management (DLM).

Bill No.30-31(COR) proposes to combine the functions of the ALC and the CLTC under the administrative supervision of DLM in order to effectively and efficiently manage and direct the mandated responsibilities of each department.  It would also require each department to submit a detailed status report of how implementation will be achieved within six months after the bill has passed into legislation.

Read Bill # 30

“It was my promise to the people of Guam, that I would author legislation which would generate economic development, because of the shortfalls in government revenue,” said Senator Chris Dueñas, author of the bill. “This Bill does exactly that; by combining these Departments, they now will have access to the resources from the Department of Land Management. Therefore accelerating the leases for CLTC properties allowing economic development of their properties such as construction, and other related activities. This will also allow for the effective management of leases for commercial properties to move forward with generating revenue for infrastructure improvements and land surveys.”

Co-sponsoring the bill along with Senator Duenas are Senator Tony Ada, Senator Frank Blas Jr., and Senator Mana Silva-Taijeron.  

For more information on Bill no.30-31(COR) call the Office of Senator Chris Duenas at 989-9944/55.