Calvo Says Aguon Should Have Run For Governor If He Wants to Run GovGuam Day-To-Day


Guam – Wednesday,  Lt. Governor candidate Senator Frank Aguon Jr. said that he would be running the day to day operation of the government of Guam while Carl Gutierrez would spend time traveling to Washington D.C. and Asia to bring more money into the island.

Thursday, rival Gubernatorial candidate Senator Eddie Calvo responded by saying  Senator Aguon should consider amending the organic act if he wants to handle day to day operations of the government.

“It’s very clear who is in charge again who is in charge in terms of who is the chief executive position of the government of Guam and that is the governor of Guam and maybe Frank should have run for governor”

Former governor Carl Gutierrez was on the breakfast show with Ray Gibson this morning. He wanted to clarify Aguon’s statement saying that Aguon would be handling day to day operations but under the direction of the governor.