Senator-Elect San Nicolas Seeks “Vision and Mission” Statement for 32ed Legislature


Guam – Senator-Elect Michael San Nicolas has issued the following release calling on his fellow Senator elects to come up with a “Vision and Mission” Statement for the 32ed Guam Legislature.

READ Senator Elect San Nicolas’ letter to fellow Senator Elects HERE 

READ Senator elect San Nicolas’ statement in FULL below:

Senator-Elect Michael F.Q. San Nicolas transmitted a proposal (attached) to all Senators-Elect for the 32nd

Guam Legislature seeking to include a Vision and Mission Statement into the Standing Rules. “An enumerated Vision and Mission Statement will serve as a strong framework for the development of Bills and Resolutions, and will help Senators focus their individual and Committee work on shared priorities.” “Additionally, a clear Vision and Mission Statement will establish a transparent and goal-oriented policy environment for our people” San Nicolas wrote.

Senator-Elect San Nicolas is seeking input from fellow Senators-Elect on including this provision into the Standing Rules and hopes that other members will contribute to this positive provision. “We need to set a clear direction and we need to do it in a way that is not politicized by setting a broad framework that does not include political posturing.” San Nicolas said