Senator Frank Aguon Jr. Concerned About Future of Ship Repair Facility


Guam – Senator Frank Aguon Jr. has sent a letter to congresswoman Madeline Bordallo about the expiration of the ship repair facility or SRF lease between the U.S. Navy and Gov Guam.

According to Aguon the SRF was supposed to be given to Guam under the 1995 base realignment and closure commission process however the Navy instead decided to retain the title and instead lease the property to Gov Guam.

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The lease expires on September 29th 2012 and it has come to the senators attention that the navy is looking for companies interested in operating the ship repair facility. “They’re looking at taking it back completely and opening up the use of that property for other business operations,” explained Senator Aguon adding, “We have more than 350 employees who are presently working in that particular facility and one of the things that I’ve asked the congresswoman to do is to see what we can do to either extend that lease indefinitely into the future another ten or fifteen or twenty years so that we can continue the services provided by Guam shipyard or just insist that that parcel of property be returned to the people of Guam so that we as a government entity through the Guam economic development authority can continue the operations of that particular facility.”

Senator Aguon says that the congresswoman can either extend the lease or give the property back through congressional legislation.