Senator Frank Blas Jr. Wants to Raise The Legal Age of Consent for Abortions


Current public laws allow 16-year olds to receive abortions on Guam.

Guam – Senator Frank Blas Jr. Is considering legislation that would raise the legal age of consent for abortion on Guam.

Blas Jr. says he is considering amending the age of consent in light of other measures that deal with “age of consent,” such as vice speaker BJ Cruz’s bill 143, which aims to raise the smoking age to 21. Current public laws allow 16-year olds to receive abortions on Guam. Blas Jr. wrote a letter to Public Health director James Gillan to obtain abortion statistical data before he drafts the legislation.


“While we are having these discussions about age of consent in regards to other issues smoking, in regards to alcohol. Then I think that if we are concerned about the health and safety and the welfare of the individual, lets think about the health and safety welfare of the child and whether or not the individual has the legal capacity and ability to be able to make an informed decisions, said Blas Jr.




  1. Just another election year ploy. The senator wants the public to forget that he and 8 other senators voted not to repeal their huge raises back on November 17, 2015. Bill 201-33, which would have reduced the senators’ annual salaries from $85,000 to roughly $55,000. The bill failed as it only received support from Vice Speaker Benjamin Cruz, Sens. Frank Aguon Jr., James Espaldon, Rory Respicio, Mike San Nicolas and Brant McCreadie. It’s time to send a strong message to those 9 who voted NO this coming November.

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