Senator Guthertz Asks Governor For Breakdown of Buildups $15 Billion Benifit


Guam – Buildup Chairwoman Senator Judi Guthertz has sent a letter to Governor Eddie Calvo asking him to provide a breakdown of the $15 billion dollars he has said Guam will receive as a result of the military buildup.


 The senator sites a presentation given by “We Are Guahan” member Leevin Camacho in which Camacho stated that documents released by DOD shows Gov Guam will get $1.78 billion in total taxes over a period of ten years. Senator Guthertz says that although she’s aware that Guam needs to improve it’s economy she believes we must be prudent about it. “I’m not sure signing the programmatic agreement in the way it’s written is in the best interest of our people now. Nevertheless I wrote to the governor and I asked him to please give us a breakdown of what that $15 billion dollars is what projects is he talking about,” said Guthertz.

 The senator says that the military has not shared this breakdown of projects with the legislature which is why she’s asking the governor if he knows what the $15 billion dollars will be spent on.